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募集要項 Job Description


Data Analytics and Assurance【SPA】

職務内容 Roles and Responsibilities

In recent years, there has been an explosion of digital data, and a widespread awareness of the term “Big Data”. PwC Japan Data Assurance helps our clients harness the power of their data to inform decision making and drive operation efficiency, customer experience, productivity and profitability. We do this through addressing all data-related issues including data extraction, quality assessment, governance, visualization and analytics - and we work on both audit and non-audit clients across all industries.

PwC Japan Data Assurance is looking for motivated and experienced Senior Associates to join our growing team to help our clients make the most of their data. In return, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest companies and gain industry-leading qualifications. Furthermore, with our brand-new offices by the moat of the Japanese Imperial Palace in Tokyo, you will have access to world-class working facilities with the sights and sounds of central Tokyo right on your doorstep.

近年、デジタルデータが世の中に溢れ、”big data”という言葉広く認識されるようになりました。
PwC JapanのData Assuranceでは、そのデータを用いて、クライアントの決断をサポートし、業務効率や生産性、収益性の向上に寄与しています。

急成長しているData Assuranceチームに加わる新しいメンバーを募集しています。


■Work on key projects to execute the overall approach, performing exploratory data analysis and data transformation to influence and recommend the most efficient and analytically-sound approach

■Lead, manage and coach junior staff, ensuring the highest quality and timely delivery of engagements

■Work closely with management to oversee the design, development, implementation of propositions and solutions

■Provide compelling points-of-view to clients, and contribute to the development of marketing collateral regarding Data Assurance offerings and insights
■説得力のある洞察的な視点をクライアントに提供して、Data Assuranceを用いてインサイト情報に関するマーケティングや販促に貢献する
登録資格 Qualification
Personal Qualities

■A passion for learning and a strong interest in data and digital
■Strong time and portfolio management skills, including multi-tasking
■Able to explain complex technical issues in a clear and concise manner to a broad audience
■Self-motivated to always seek continual improvement of existing processes
■Able to work cross-culturally with an inclusive mindset, as part of a diverse team
■Goal-orientated, with an appreciation of sustainable working practices and work-life balance
■Ability to communicate in English.
■Beneficial: Ability to communicate in Japanese.


Technical Skills and Experience

■3+ years’ experience in data analytics and assurance
■Analytics skills in SQL, ACL, MS Excel & VBA
■Visualization skills in Qlikview, Qliksense, Tableau
■Familiarity with relational database design – e.g. SQL, Access
■Experience leading projects
■Experience developing junior staff and colleagues, including technical training and coaching

■SQL、ACL、MS ExcelおよびVBAなどを用いた分析スキルを有する方

■Master's in Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Decision Sciences, Econometrics or similar
■Accounting/audit knowledge and experience
■Analytics skills in Python, R, SAS, SPSS, IDEA
■Visualization skills in Spotfire, MS Power BI, Gephi, d3.js
■Familiarity with data preparation tools – e.g. Informatica, Talend, Paxata, Tamr
■Familiarity with data management platforms – e.g. Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra

■Spotfire、MS Power BI、Gephi、d3.jsなど用いたビジュアライゼーション経験を有する方
勤務地 Work Location
応募方法 How to apply
下記のボタンをクリックして、リンク先にある登録フォームからご応募ください Click the button below and apply from the entry form linked below.
※選考の結果に関わらず10日間以内にご連絡を差し上げます We will contact you within 10 days regardless of the result.